Mike Hoffman Contract To Usher In The New Ottawa Senators


After a blockbuster season, leading the team in goals, Mike Hoffman‘s contract is a little bit surprising coming from an arbitration meeting.  Hoffman’s self-valuation was $3.4 million, not an unreasonable sum.  The Senators came to the table offering $1.75 million, a bit under.  Arbitration reached a one year deal at $2 million.  Some interesting numbers for a powerhouse of a season.

In his fourth season in the NHL, Mike Hoffman netted 27 goals and 21 assists which is a large jump from the previous season which only saw 3 goals in 25 games.  Clearly Mike Hoffman is hitting his stride and first thought would be to reward him, no? But maybe this is the time of a newer NHL, a more grown up NHL, an NHL that finally recognizes that money isn’t growing on trees and funds are limited.

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It’s hard not to want to side with a player who can put the puck between the pipes, but how many times have we seen a player be rewarded and then only bottom out?  Just go right on down the list from the summers of 2013 and 2014 and see how many contracts were shed through the amnesty buyouts.   One fluke year of two or three dozen goals should not equal a big payday after the fact.  The Senators priced their contract accordingly, a small increase that motivates the player to continue along the path of success.

Whether or not you believe all the pieces about the Senators bleeding money, monitoring pennies might not be the worst thing to keep a team competitive.  Six players will be RFA or UFA at the end of the 2015-2016 season, money needs to be allocated for the contract negotiations, tying up any decent sum of money, even $3.4 million, may hamper the future of the Senators.  Mike Hoffman is good, but one season does not make him the future of the team.

Maybe the new NHL will find itself with smaller contracts and more performance based bonuses.  Hoffman could have a trigger set at 30 goals, push him to get those three extra goals and find himself with his fate in his hands.  Not to say without a bonus he wouldn’t be interested in meeting that milestone, but then the Senators could award him a $1 million with a half million bonus every 10 goals he reaches after 20 goals.  Motivate players and reward for the future, not past, performances.  But who knows what the NHL will do next.  Until then, congratulations Mike Hoffman, go show us you earned those $2 million.

Go Sens Go!

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