My Last Minute 2015 NHL Mock Draft: Top 20 Picks

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The day is here–the 2015 NHL Draft takes place tonight in Florida. With a few sure bets, but some uncertainties beyond that, the draft projects to be a very interesting one.

The Ottawa Senators are set to pick at 18th overall, but could move. Senators management seems to think they’ll be able to snag a solid pro at that position… let’s see who they end up with here. Here’s my 2015 NHL Mock Draft (last minute):

1. Edmonton Oilers

A No brainer. Center. Erie (OHL). Connor McDavid. 1. player. 148

2. Buffalo Sabres

Center. Boston U (NCAA). Jack Eichel. 2. player. 12. Eichel projects to be an elite playmaking center in the NHL. After losing the draft lottery, the Sabres are content with Eichel at number two overall.

3. Arizona Coyotes

3. player. 121. 3rd overall is the first one which has some variance in who Arizona could choose. Given their current history and with a lack of elite level forward, especially young ones, choosing Strome helps. Passing on Noah Hanifin is hard, but considering the Coyotes postion with youngsters like Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Brandon Gormley, they’ve got to go up front here.. Center. Erie (OHL). Dylan Strome

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

5. Carolina Hurricanes

109. After the Hurricanes’ 2014 selection of Haydn Fleury, they continue to build on the back end. Elite level defenders are hard to come by and the Hurricanes find one at pick number 5 with Noah Hanifin.. Defense. Boston C (NCAA). Noah Hanifin. 5. player

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