Ranking The Top 20 Ottawa Senators Prospects: #15-11

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14. Miles Gendron

Defenceman – University Of Connecticut  — 2014 3rd round pick

NCAA 6foot3 183lbs

Gendron was drafted out of high school in the third round by the Senators last season. Ottawa drafted three other defenders in 2014 (Englund, Gendron, Summers). While all three are considered long-term projects, Gendron is a highlight of the group as he is headed to the NCAA next season.

Gendron is heralded as being an elite skater. The above interview is worth a watch as amateur scout Scott Mongelluzzo talks Gendron’s game, commenting on his skating ability and hockey intelligence.

Other lists have had Gendron ranked much  higher, but until Ottawa has seen his NCAA (or beyond) game, he remains at 14 on this list.

Moving forward, Gendron is of course a long-term project. It’s likely he plays in the NCAA for a few seasons, until age 21 or 22 when a move to the AHL is in his cards.  At that point, it’s about assessing his game at the pro level, but one thing that remains extremely valuable is skating ability, something that Gendron possesses as a tool moving forward.

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