“Probably Not,” Mark Stone Superman, Believe Video and Karlsson’s Big Hit


After a one week hiatus our weekly twitter round up is back!

It’s been an eventful week for the Ottawa Senators as they continue to climb their way back into the series against Montreal. The Senators started off the week down 3-0 with their backs against the wall but the funny thing is, the series never felt like it was over.

Ian Mendes (Explains in his tweet below) use a perfect example on how resilient this team is this year and how much hope they have injected into the fan base. Anything is possible with this team at this point and cheering them on so far has been an absolute pleasure.

Ian Mendes Is Always Right

This tweet comes from Ian Mendes‘ pre-series preview and right now it’s spot on to how the entire Sens nation feels. It’s great having guys like Ian Mendes covering the Ottawa Senators because he fully understands the sport and the fans.

“Probably Not.” – Daniel Alfredsson

After defeating the Montreal Canadiens in round one in 2013, the Ottawa Senators would go on and face the Pittsburgh Penguins in round two of the playoffs.

The Sens at this point were down 3-1 and the media asked captain, Daniel Alfredsson if the team could come back and win the series. His controversial quote saying “Probably not” made some topic of discussion around the league. Fear The Fin used Alfredsson’s quote to a tee!

Mark Stone is Superman!
This picture by Callum Fraser says everything.

Stone For Calder!
Speaking of Mark Stone, did you hear? He was nominated for this years Calder Trophy as the NHL’s best rookie of the year.

Capital Gains: Believe (Video)
Capital Gains produced one hell of a video. Anything is possible with this team as I said earlier and this video backs it up. Truly an inspirational one.

Game Three In One picture:

Sens P.O.P, Hold it down!!!

Erik Karlsson’s big hit on Beaulieu (Vine)

 Ok, Berkshire!

Chet Sellers debunks Sportsnet’s stat

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