Ottawa Senators Facing Elimination in Game 4 at Home


This is it. Game 3 was considered to be a must win for the Ottawa Senators, but tonight’s the real deal. Lose tonight, and they get swept. By the Montreal Canadiens. The thought alone makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.

Ottawa Senators 



Montreal Canadiens


7:00 PM EST

 Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa,Ontario



As mentioned before, the Senators are down 3 games to 0. Craig Anderson got the start in game 3, and played very well. It was his first start since mid-February, but you couldn’t tell. Each game so far has been lost by just one goal. The series may seem like it’s been dominated by Montreal so far, but it really hasn’t. A couple of overtime winners and the chaos of game 1 have shown that Ottawa has had a real shot at winning every game so far.


Erik Karlsson looked like himself during game 3. He didn’t seem like he was 100% during the games in Montreal,  but he was absolutely flying when he hit the ice in Ottawa. If he can bring it in game 4 like he did on Sunday night, Montreal may be in trouble.

Carey Price has been solid for the majority of the games so far. His numbers against Ottawa may not be the greatest, but he’s somehow changed that during these playoffs. If he’s on his game tonight, Ottawa doesn’t have much of a chance.


1. Start Shooting – It’s Carey Price. This isn’t someone that’s going to be fooled by pretty passing (which more often than not ends up as a turn over and is brought back to the defensive zone) or plays that are created by being overly patient. The best way to beat him is by firing every chance you have. They need to get more pucks on him from the point with bodies in front. If he can see it, he’ll stop it.

2. Improve Second Periods – Throughout this series, and what seems like most of the season, the Senators couldn’t keep up their pace from the first twenty minutes in the second frame. Last game they were out shot by Montreal 19-6, and it was by far their best second period of the series. Yikes.

3. Shutout – Anderson is going to have to play the best game of his life . Let’s be real here, Anderson has to get the start. He hadn’t played in two months and stopped 47 shots. If he lets in two, then that’s probably it. I don’t see Price allowing three tonight.

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