Ottawa Senators Resume Hated Rivalry Against The Canadiens


The Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens play each other for the second time in three years in the first round of the playoffs, and Game 1 starts tonight in Montreal.


Ottawa Senators


Montreal Canadiens


7:00 PM EST

Bell Centre, Montreal Quebec



The history between these two teams has been very publicized. This year Ottawa won the series 3-1, with three straight wins (including two during their historic run). In the last and only playoff series the two have met in, Ottawa won quite an easy series in five games. This series may be a bit different as Carey Price looks for revenge.


Mike Hoffman, OTT- With Milan Michalek back, Hoffman has shifted to the fourth line, where that might not be a bad thing. Montreal’s bottom six looks very bad, and Hoffman can use his speed and skill to dominate the other lines. listed Hoffman as an X-factor in this series, and I have to agree. If he can get back to his scoring way, all of a sudden the Senators have tons of depth up front.

Carey Price, MTL- If Montreal wins this series, it will be because of Carey Price. Max Pacioretty won’t be in the lineup tonight, which is a massive blow to their offense. Montreal already relies on Price too much, and without their leading scorer Price will have to take these games away from Ottawa. He’s never had much success against Ottawa, but I’d still be scared to go up against a probable Hart Trophy winner.


1. Pepper Price- The only way to beat Price? Get tons of shots on him from every angle. We know that Ottawa is a better possession team, and it shouldn’t be too hard to outshoot Montreal. Get everything you can on net, because the only way the Canadiens will win is if Price stands on his head.

2. Get in their heads– One of the main reasons Ottawa was so successful last series in 2013 was because the Canadiens got off their game after the Eric Gryba hit and some other hostilities. That seriously affected the series, and it was effective for Ottawa. They should try get under their skin again, but they have to be as clean as possible. It’s all about getting them to retaliate and getting angry.

3. Make the bottom six pay- The Canadiens forward group doesn’t look too impressive. In contrast, Ottawa’s third line has been amazing, and their fourth line with Hoffman now should be decent too. If they play well enough, Ottawa should constantly have the puck in Montreal’s zone when the bottom six lines are out. There’s no way that the bottom six for the Canadiens should even come close to scoring.

Ottawa Lines:

Montreal Lines:

It should be an amazing series, and I can’t wait for Game 1. No doubt it will be tough to beat this team, but it’s all about beating Price. That’s the only area where Montreal has the upper-hand, although let’s hope that the Hamburglar magic continues.

Go Sens Go!