Chris Wideman Finishes Hot, While Bobby Ryan Does Not


Well Sens fans, we did it. We actually made the playoffs on a historic run, but it’s not over just yet. We have a dream matchup against the Montreal Canadiens and hopefully there will be a repeat of 2013. To recap the week, here is Weekly Trending, Who’s Hot and Who’s Not:

Zachary Prenner:

Who’s Hot: Kyle Turris

Finished the season with points and assists. Was able to establish himself as a number one center in this league. The gravy on top: finished with 2 points and +17 better than some guy named Jason Spezza.

Who’s Not: Bobby Ryan

It’s been well documented (he himself even said “I just suck right now”), so I won’t beat a dead horse. But I do just want to say that I really do hope he picks it up in the playoffs, because with two truly potent lines of offense, the Senators could become even scarier to face than they already are.

Jack Leiper:

Who’s Hot: J-G Pageau

He’s heading into a series against his rival, the Montreal Canadiens. He comes in on a high from the late season success that he has seen and should be able to capitalize on that heading into Montreal.

Who’s Not: Jason Spezza

Accepts a trade to Dallas, for reasons of competing for the Stanley cup. The Stars are out, the Senators are in. Kyle Turris has more points than Spezza and has successfully taken his spot, especially in the 2nd half. Jason Spezza certainly isn’t hot.

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Josh Chenoweth:

Who’s Hot: Brendan Shanahan

After getting to know the Leafs organization and watching the same problems that plagued it in the past persist throughout this season, Shanahan finally moved to fire Leafs General Manager Dave Nonis. He also decided to go full-on scorched earth by firing the entire coaching staff (save for Steve Staios, who has been reassigned) and up to 18 scouts.

The Leafs are facing a potentially long rebuild, but these moves are a sign they’re finally ready to do it properly. As a hockey fan, it’s nice to see a long suffering organization finally show signs they’re headed in the right direction. However, as a Sens fan I’m pretty bummed.

Who’s Not: The LA Kings

Not only did the defending Stanley Cup champs miss the playoffs, but it appears there may be big problems within the dressing room in Tinseltown. Read this article at Sportsnet for the details. All I can say is if that’s true, then oy vey. Things could get ugly next season if the Kings struggle.

Jay Maps:

Jamie Been is Red Hot

After recording 10 points in his final 3 games (5G,5A) Benn captured his first Art Ross Trophy as the NHL’s top scorer as well as the first in Dallas Stars franchise history. Unfortunately for Jamie and the Stars, it wasn’t enough to get the team into the playoffs as Dallas finished 6th in the Pacific and will miss the playoffs for the 4th time in the last 5 years.

Who’s Not: The Scouting department of the Toronto Maple Leafs

After a horrendous season that saw the Maple Leafs win one road game in 2015 and saw them finish 4th last in the entire league, Brendan Shanahan put his foot down and made some drastic decisions one day after the regular season ended. Not only did Shanahan fired GM Dave Nonis and interim coach Paul Horachek, he also fired the entire Scouting department; all 18 of them!

These guys can be blamed for a lot of the “talent” that the Leafs have on their roster, and from what I understand, there isn’t much to be happy about in the AHL. If your going to overhaul a team, the best way to do that is to get rid of every single person that put that team together.

Jun 27, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NHL vice president of hockey and business development and director of player safety

Brendan Shanahan

arrives at the Westin Hotel for the NHL Board of Governors meeting. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Ulmer:

Chris Wideman is Red Hot! (Cole Schneider a close 2nd with his 5 point weekend in 2 games)

Wideman took in the most votes of all players and coaches in the AHL to earn the distinction of being the best defenseman in the league in earning the Eddie Shore Award as he’s had a stand-out season in Binghamton with career high numbers to back him up. How? He set the team’s record with most points in a season by a defenseman (56) breaking Andre Benoit‘s old record (55) in 2010-’11. Wideman also was voted on the AHL 1st Team All-Stars as he is up for contract negotiations over the off-season as the Senators’ Organization should not let this talented player go by the way side.

Nice going Chris!

Who’s Not: AHL Referees are definitely Not!

In last Saturday’s B-Sens’ 3-2 shootout win over the Utica Comets, the extended session reached epic failures on all counts, as the Senators scored in the very first round by Cole Schneider, and the Comets failed to get one past goaltender Chris Driedger in the allotted 3 rounds. End of story, Senators with the win.

However, referee Kendrick Nicholson apparently hasn’t been up to snuff in the rule change before the season began as he lets an additional 2 rounds to decide it without any further goals. The shootout was reduced to 3 rounds from the previous 5 and 70+ games into the season and the ref has no clue?

And the irony of all this? Neither did Senators, as the Binghamton bench allowed it to happen.

It’s a good sign that Cameron isn’t inserting [Neil] in the lineup just because of his veteran presence

Trevor Shackles:

Who’s Hot: Andrew Berkshire of Canadiens website “Eyes on the Prize”

No, he’s not “hot” by the definition we’re giving, instead I’m giving him this honour because of all of his “hot takes” recently on the Ottawa Senators. He’s someone who Senators fans love to hate, and he certainly can be quite condescending about his opinions. My favourite tweet of his was from a month ago, as it looks like karma has come back to bite him.

Who’s Not: Chris Neil

Dave Cameron said this morning that Chris Neil is healthy and ready to go for the playoffs, but he won’t be playing in game one. I’m (happily) shocked that he isn’t playing, and it’s a good sign that Cameron isn’t inserting him in the lineup just because of his veteran presence. He isn’t really needed on this team, although I would be surprised if he didn’t play at least one game these playoffs.

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