Playoff Jinxes, Erik Karlsson’s Ride, Hey Montreal.. Ottawa Is Coming


“Started from the bottom now we here, started from the bottom, now the whole team freaking here!” – Drake : Started From The Bottom

Whether you’re a Drake fan or not, these lyrics can perfectly describe the emotion going through the entire Ottawa Senators nation right now. The Senators at one point had a 3% chance of making the playoffs and now they’re in. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea we actually made it and to sweeten the deal we get to play Montreal in the first round, MONTREAL! The team we pummeled back in May of 2013. Things couldn’t have gone any better for this team and the fan base here in Ottawa.

The incredible playoff run this week really brought out the best of Sens twitter. There where times where I was really nervous for the team to make it and there where times I was in tears laughing. Overall though, it has truly been one of the best weeks of my life being an Ottawa Senators fan, thanks to you guys on Twitter. Now I’ll share some of the best of the best this week in our latest edition of our Weekly Twitter Round Up: We Are In The Playoffs Mega Edition!

New Jerseys

The Senators wouldn’t have been able to make the playoffs without some help from other teams around the league this week. It’s only right we support them too. Capital Gains made a new jersey this week for all of us to wear.


Picture Day!

The Senators took their team photo this past Wednesday and some fans had trouble finding Andrew Hammond in the picture. Callum Fraser helps us find him in his edited photo.


Stone Does It Again

Andre Ringuette may have captured my favourite photo this year. The overtime winning goal from Tuesday’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins scored by Mark Stone was shot by Andre in this incredible photo. You can just feel the excitement from Mark Stone popping right at you in this one.


Caps Win, Bruins Lose

And the Sens just keep on keeping on!


You Jinxed It Boston

Here’s a nice throwback to when the Bruins organization jinxed their own chances of making the playoffs. They already listed playoff tickets for sale a week before the season was even over!


Karlsson On Baller Status

If you don’t know already well here’s proof. Erik Karlsson is a baller! 



Over the course of this miracle playoff run we’ve seen some impressive play from a lot of good players. None better then the trio of Mark Stone, Kyle Turris and Erik Karlsson. This stats info graphic will show just how good the trio have been over the course of the last 30 games. Via TSN.


We’re Going Streaking!

Because Why Not?


Packed House

The Canadian Tire Center was open to the public this Saturday for all Senators fan to come and watch the boys play Philadelphia on the big screen. The Senators were playing hours away from their home arena yet Sens nation supported big time. A crowd of over 10,000 fans united to watch our Sens clinch a playoff spot.


Knock Knock…

Montreal We’re Coming For You!!!


Sens Mile

One of the best Ottawa traditions is now officially open. With the Senators now officially in the playoffs, Elgin Street is now “The Sens Mile” during the entire playoff run. Let’s celebrate good times on the Sens Mile!

Once again thanks for reading! I’m super excited for what’s to come over the next couple of weeks, I know Sens twitter will continue to bring some good laughs and even better memories. Let’s hope the Senators make a deep playoff run, GO SENS GO!

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