In Weekly Trending, JG Pageau’s Hot And Dave Cameron’s Not


This weeks edition of “Honourable and Dishonourable Mentions” has a new name. We felt we needed something more crisp, so this segment will now be titled “Weekly Trending, Who’s Hot and Who’s Not.” Hope you enjoy it!

After a comeback victory against San Jose, it was quite a turnaround and now Ottawa has lost three straight crucial games. Just one week ago it was all rainbows and unicorns amongst fans, and now things look quite bleak. Here are this weeks trends.

Trevor Shackles:

Who’s Hot: Curtis Lazar

Another two goals for the rookie, and he’s looking much more comfortable out there. Six goals on the year isn’t great, but for a 19 year-old he’s getting better. He seems to have more creativity, and playing with Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Erik Condra has helped him immensely. They have been a fantastic third line, but sadly they have been inexplicably split up, which leads me to my next point…

Who’s Not: Dave Cameron

In a span of two games, he has made me (and others) completely change my opinion on him. Putting Colin Greening, and now Zack Smith on the first line is inexcusable for these must-win games. Even if some forwards are struggling, is putting a fourth liner on their line really going to help? The teams leading scorer is sitting on the fourth line, despite playing fine. Sadly, this team has lost points this year because of poor coaching.

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Jack Leiper:

Who’s Hot: No One

3 Losses in a row, 1 point of a possible 6. For a team in the middle of a playoff run, it’s crucial that you pick up every point possible and the Senators have not done that. Perhaps I’m being a little negative, but considering that amazing 3rd line was broken up, no one is hot.

Who’s Not: Dave Cameron

Some unpopular choices regarding lines are inexcusable. While the team is at fault this time, Cameron icing a horrible lineup certainly isn’t helping the cause. Last night’s lines were very Paul MacLean-like and need to change for this team to have success.

Lately with these injuries hampering us the team has been dropping the ball

Zachary Prenner:

Who’s Hot: Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Not many on the team have been terribly stellar this past week, but I felt the need to single out Pageau. His effort game to game is always consistent, and always high. His fight against Brennan of the Maple Leafs was the first of his career, and showed that he’s willing to put in whatever it takes for this team to win. I hope they never trade this kid; with the way he always competes, he’s a role model for rookies and veterans alike.

Who’s Not: Sens Goaltending Injuries

It seems our earlier “luck” with injuries forcing us to ice an ideal lineup, as well as assuring the rise of the Hamburglar, has run out. We don’t seem to have and NHL caliber goalie that is 100% healthy, but unfortunately we can’t will them to heal any faster. This is going to be crunch time for the Sens, and lately with these injuries hampering us the team has been dropping the ball.

Jeff Ulmer:

Who’s Hot: No one from the Binghamton Senators

After losing their last three games including two over the past weekend, the Senators have scored only three goals over that time frame which raises concern for the offense, as it’s been slotted in the top three in the AHL all season long. Things have currently gone astray for the team, which won the division title last year and will miss the playoffs for the first time under head coach Luke Richardson‘s three year tenure.

Who’s Not: Captain Aaron Johnson

I know he’s been a good guy in the locker room as a veteran presence for teammates including some rookies, but good golly he’s past his prime on the ice. Too many passes that were off target and costly turnovers as he stumbles around on his skates with the puck at times. For his huge salary, he’s done well for himself but arguably not for the team. Nine more games left in the season and he’ll be sent his merry way.

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