Ottawa Senators Twitter Round Up Featuring Bobby Burger, Nonis A Genius? Hockey Canada


It’s that time again folks! It’s Friday and the work week is nearly over, so why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best content Sens Twitter has to offer…Introducing “Ottawa Senators Weekly Twitter Round Up!”

First Tweet: Bobby Ryan #HeGood #Nomnomnom
Submitted by: Josh Chenoweth (@JoshyCanuck87)

Bobby Ryan beautifully sums up what we’ve all been thinking about during the Sens’ stretch of great play:

Second Tweet: Chris Driedger (Binghamton Senators Tweet Of The Week)

Submitted by: Jeff Ulmer (@Ski931)

One player that seemed lost in the mix of this Hammond craze is Chris Driedger serving as his back up for five games. Although he didn’t see any ice time, it was still a thrill for the rookie

Third Tweet: Dave Nonis A Genius? Maybe Not…

Submitted By: Trevor Shackles (@ShackTS)

Dave Lozo gives a hilarious take on the David Clarkson trade. He has a point though, as praising the same man that signed Clarkson to that crazy contract is pretty ridiculous. Also, I doubt Dave Nonis was the one that came up with the idea.

Fourth Tweet: Stephen Harper, Canadian Hockey

Submitted by: Eldrinson Vado (@Eldrinson_Vado)

Hockey is Canada’s Game and that’s the bottom line!

Fifth and Final Tweet: The Leafs Suck

Submitted by: Jack Lieper (@SensUnofficial)

"Here are some other great Tweets from the past seven days…"