Liam Herbst Hopes To Rebound For 67’s Against Ex-Team


The most recent entry into the Ottawa 67’s loss column hurts everyone; fans of the present who can’t believe they took their pedal off the gas against a last-place team, and old-timers who will never see another rematch of the 2001 OHL Finals – the last time the 67’s won the league championship – again after Plymouth leaves for Flint.

A rematch of the 2005 championship series against London might be just what they, and fans on both sides of the coin, need this weekend.

At this rate, pride is the only thing on the line for the final couple of weeks.  Saturday’s matchup in Niagara may be a first round preview, but that’s where the interest level peaks.

The first round opponent is going to be a crapshoot, as to who they draw and how they fare.  The forecheck-heavy 67’s are probably better off drawing a Belleville team that’s mobile from the back-end, but an experienced netminder in Charlie Graham could ruin the fun

Niagara is one of the scarier teams in the East right now, but they’re a team that Ottawa’s smaller defence are capable of containing down low.

Jeff Brown won’t admit that a couple losses down the stretch won’t hurt, but keeping a once-depleted blueline healthy will be the most important factor.

Herbst Wants A Bounce-Back

If there’s any time for Liam Herbst to kick his current cold streak, it’s with his former team in town.

Herbst allowed a floater in Oshawa that sunk a third period comeback, and in response to his late shaky play and a late blown lead in Windsor, Brown turned to Leo Lazarev twice on their southern road trip.

It’s possible they sit Herbst and let him prepare for the playoffs, but they know they have a netminder who will be doubly motivated should they put him in on Friday night.

Third Place Watch

Ottawa’s games with Niagara and London are winnable but by no means are they locks.  A Sunday matchup with Mississauga shouldn’t be too challenging for a 67’s team that made quick work of them last month.

North Bay is almost guaranteed to leave Sudbury with two points and they’re almost guaranteed to leave Sunday’s meeting with Erie empty-handed.

It’s tough for Ottawa fans to cheer for Belleville, a team that they could potentially play in the first round, but a Bulls win over North Bay on Friday could be of huge help to them.

North Bay is one point back with one game in hand.

Image courtesy of Valerie Wutti