Ottawa Senators Shortlisted On NCC’s Lebreton Flats Development

Eugene Melnyk’s “Rendez Vous Lebreton group” was announced as one of the short-list candidates to develop prime Ottawa real estate.

The short-list of 4 candidates now includes Claridge Homes, Devcore group, Focus Equities and Melnyk’s “Rendez Vous Lebreton Group.” The short-list removes one of the five initial proposals as it now stands at four interested parties.

While any construction of a downtown arena could be far off, the Lebreton flats project and the Senators’ involvement with it certainly draws interest among citizens as it could be a new central attraction in place of one of the cities biggest eyesores.

In being one of the cities biggest developers of new homes and condos, Claridge may be a favourite if the NCC’s vision coincides with their plans, while Devcore group is rumoured to have teamed up with a large Montreal developer in hopes of accomplishing a similar goal.

From the city of Ottawa’s official press release:

“Claridge Homes proposes indoor and outdoor concert facilities, cultural enterprises surrounded by green spaces and residential and commercial developments

Devcore group proposes a concept with multiple cultural institutions developed around a grande allée, green spaces and residential and commercial developments”


The group representing Focus Equities have ideas which vary from the three other candidates, with an interesting proposal.

“Focus Equities proposes to house the headquarters of an international organization, accompanied by cultural venues, green spaces and residential and commercial developments”


The Senators have some competition from the four other candidates, yet seem to be a fit in terms of a potential downtown attraction. As a hockey fan It’s something I’d love to see, but it comes down to what the NCC (National Capital Commission) views as a fit in their plans.

In terms of the fit for the Ottawa Senators, the timeline might come as a good as any. Quotes from a press event from Eugene Melynk in December included notes that the Canadian Tire Centre would require important upgrades at around the arena’s 25th anniversary, where the team could choose to upgrade or move at around that time.

As for what comes next, the Senators have until November to develop “a high quality design and financial plan” as Stu Mills reports. Mills also reports that the selected party will be announced in Mid 2016.