SenShot Predicts: Ottawa Senators vs Minnesota Wild

A game after only 2 of 7 writers correctly predicted an Ottawa win, we take another stab at it and try to predict what the end result will be when Ottawa faces the Minnesota Wild.


Here is today’s installment of SenShot Predicts:


Zachary Prenner (4-7)

So far every time I pick the Sens to lose, they win,  but tonight I’m picking the Sens to win off the bat and hoping I’m not suffering from a voodoo curse that’ll give me a record that not even the Buffalo Sabres could be proud of.
Minnesota’s been playing excellent hockey so far this season, both offensively and defensively, but they are without possibly their best player in Zach Parise. This, coupled with the fact that Ottawa has had the better of the Wild historically and are coming off a very strong showing against the Red Wings leads me to believe the Sens will at least make things interesting. I’m looking for a big game out of the kid line, but specifically Curtis Lazar after he received the news that he’ll be staying in the capital for at least a little while longer. He’ll be looking to step things up and switch it into a new gear now that he has the comfort of knowing he’s not being sent down and can bring plenty of “this and that, whatever ‘that’ is” to his game from this tilt onward.  Ottawa takes a close one, 2-1.

Josh Chenoweth (4-7)

Sens lose 3-2 to Minnesota. The Wild have the edge at forward and on defence, and the latter is where the Sens have struggled mightily.

Jack Leiper (5-6)

Sens take a second in a row over the Wild. The Wild are off to a good start with their role players up front and on the back end. Ottawa’s goaltending continues to be hot and the return of Alex Chiasson to the lineup is a much needed boost. Ottawa takes it in a close one.

Charlie Arseneault (5-6)

I can’t make an educated guess based on the last game since I missed it. All I know is that people were very pleased. Let’s just say that the Sens will keep that going. Sens win.

Travis Valois (6-5)

The Senators are playing great hockey right now. Last game they showed that they can put up stellar offense. They gave their goalie tons of support by actually mounting an offense. The Wild are a good team. Niklas Backstrom will be getting the start for the Wild, Craig Anderson for Ottawa. I believe the Senators win in a close game.

Ottawa wins

Eldrinson Vado (6-5)

Paul Maclean was quoted saying the Wild are the, if not the best 5 on 5 team in the league right now. And boy was he ever right, the Sens are going to have a lot of their plate tonight against Minnesota. Luckily Zach Parise isn’t playing so that could ease the difficulty for the Sens. It’s going to take a lot for the Sens to win, so I’m throwing a Hail Mary in my prediction today. Going Sens 3-2 Sens tonight.

Jared Crozier (7-4)

Craig Anderson gets his second straight start and looks to build on a very strong outing against the Red Wings.  Minnesota started strong but they have been scored on as of late (3 goals or more in 4 of their last 5 games) and are coming off a loss to the Penguins.  They have been almost lights out at home, but mediocre on the road.  Likewise, Ottawa has enjoyed home cooking, and that is why I am taking the Sens once again.