SenShot Predicts: Ottawa Senators vs Chicago II


Well, coming home off a road trip is never easy, and the Senators are coming home to face the struggling (for them) Blackhawks.  As usual, SenShot staff writers are taking a stab at prognostication, with this game’s version of SenShot Predicts:

Josh Chenoweth (3-5)

Sens lose 3-1 to the Blackhawks.  The Hawks are just too deep for Ottawa to handle.

Jack Leiper (3-5)

Chicago tops Ottawa in the 2nd and final meeting between the two. Ottawa’s goaltending continues to bail them out such that Craig Anderson is a star in the game. Ottawa’s offense takes a cool after a 5-2 victory over Columbus. I think Mika Zibanejad breaks his slump and does something prominent, but isn’t enough to beat the star-studded high-flyers.


Charlie Arseneault (4-4)

The Sens came pretty close to beating the Blackhawks earlier in the week, but that was thanks to goaltending. The spectacular play in net has to come to an end eventually, and the Blackhawks seem like a pretty good candidate to end it. 4-2 Blackhawks.

Zachary Prenner (4-4)

Ottawa played a great team game against Columbus earlier this week, and put up a pretty good fight against Chicago on Sunday, despite the loss. I bet against the Sens earlier in the season but after a couple games I switched it up because I’ve liked a lot of what I’m seeing from this team so far. They’re certainly not perfect though, and their high shots against per game is real cause for concern, but the Sens have found ways to win games so far this year as opposed to last where they gave away points they should’ve had. Chicago is always a tough matchup, but back at home at the CTC and with some timely offence I feel the Sens have what it takes to take advantage of a Hawks squad that hasn’t matched its usual standards early on this season. Sens take it 4-3.

Eldrinson Vado (4-4)

Tonight it’s round two between the Sens and Blackhawks and the first round didn’t end so well for the Sens, Despite the close score, the Blackhawks out shot Senators a whopping 45 to 33 last Sunday. The trend of being out shot continues and I don’t see it stopping tonight, especially against a Stanley Cup Caliber team like Chicago. 4-2 Chicago is my prediction.

Jared Crozier (6-2)

Goalending has been Ottawa’s strength, and Chicago is struggling to score.  Either streak could snap at any point, but I am not sure that the amazing run of Scott Darling will continue in the Hawks net.   Senators in a close one.