What can the Senators do with Colin Greening?


If you have paid attention to the Senators early season, one thing is apparent. Colin Greening is having trouble in being a full-time roster player.

Colin Greening put up 37 points playing on a wing with Jason Spezza a few seasons ago. He scored 17 goals and had one very memorable playoff goal in 2013. All that aside, he’s a beast physically and a great guy inside the room. As it becomes harder for him to make his way into the lineup.. what can the Senators do with him and his contract?


At this point, Greening holds little to no value in a cap-pressed NHL. His 2.65 mil AAV salary is enough to scare teams off for the service he brings, yet he could be valuable to a young, rebuilding team. Buffalo, Calgary, Edmonton, etc. all seem to be places Greening could fit. Then there are those rumours that had tied Colin Greening and Zack Smith to Chicago.

$2 650 000 is a heck of a lot to pay a healthy scratch, and with Greening having only played in 1 game this season; Ottawa needs to look at their options.

Others are around to take Greening’s spot. Curtis Lazar and Erik Condra have played better of late; and Chris Neil brings a physical presence to the game.

Greening’s trade value is at an all-time low. His contract doesn’t hold his value, yet he has scored nearly 20 goals and 40 points in the past. If you want to call it “potential” it could still be there.


Come the off-season, Bryan Murray and crew may have to ask them selves “is it better to pay Colin Greening not to play for us?” and right now the answer may be “yes”. Greening isn’t eligible for a compliance buyout due to their expiration and Greening’s signing date. So, if any buy-out were to occur; It would cost Ottawa.

Via Capgeek, Ottawa would be paying up to just under $1 000 000 over the next 4 seasons on a Greening buyout. So, at that price you’d have to think Ottawa considers the previously mentioned before anything else.

Again, do you want to pay this player not to play for you? I’m not sure. But with that cap hit on a budget team, the Senators will have to evaluate the situation fully before making any decisions, and that does not include a sample size of 6 games.

Maybe Greening is able to turn it around, who knows. At 6foot3 it has been said Greening is a beast inside the weight room and we know he’s a great guy in the locker room. He’s a guy i’d like to have around; but if he’s taking up a roster spot better fit by someone else.. it may be time to cut ties.

What do you think?