Scouting The 2014-’15 Binghamton Senators: Goaltending

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This is the third in a series of four with the Defense and Offense having been covered earlier this week in the Scouting The 2014-’15 Binghamton Senators as we now are focusing on the men between the pipe’s featuring the newly formed dynamic dual of Andrew Hammond and Chris Dreidger.

With a year under his belt and under the watchful eye of goaltending coach Rick Wamsley, Andrew is looking to learn from last season’s inconsistencies and carry the work load, while Chris serving as back up to start making his adjustment’s in the pro game.

However Hammond,  might be should be looking over his shoulder at some point as the new rookie in town will be if not  eager to share the work in earning his way up into the starting position. Dreidger will get his fair share of starts as he indeed comes in as a highly touted prospect for the organization and wanting him to get in as many games possible  during 2014-’15. He’ll hopefully get some advice from Andrew during the transition and into sharing his tip’s just like the departed Nathan Lawson did in nurturing him in his rookie season, and pass on what experience’s Hammond has to offer to compete at the next level for the benefit of the team.

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Hammond is next in line if needed in Ottawa if Craig Anderson or Robin Lehner goes down in an injury, which would then put Dreidger into sole position of holding all the marbles in Binghamton. It’s important he gets as much playing experience early making an impact in the AHL in helping the B-Sens for another winning season, especially if it’s a long-term injury up top.

I do have faith in both netminder’s coming in, as competition in goal is usually a win-win scenario. I say usually, as the Anderson/Lehner tantum hasn’t exactly come together smoothly so far leaving that debate for another time.

This will be a challenge ahead for Luke Richardson and his coaching staff and how well he balance’s out the two player’s playing time. Set in stone is Hammy playing the most games out of the gate, but at some point realizing  Dreidger will have to as well, regardless on how well Andrew’s performance may be at the time. Like I mentioned, it could be a win-win scenario.

– Senators training camp invitee but not signed: Scott Greenham.

(There are eight players selected that are ‘On the Radar‘ ready for the Ottawa Senators in any call-up situation. Future articles will give follow-ups for the leading player in keeping pace of their progress throughout the season.)  – This one is a given as Hammond is contractually responsible as the goaltender to fill in and will be included in future report’s following his season long progress.

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