My Ottawa Senators Opening Night Lineup Would Be…[Charlie]


Here’s what I think the Ottawa Senators will look like on opening night. It’s not exactly what I would like, but Paul MacLean isn’t exactly taking suggestions from the fans at the moment.


The top six has its obvious players, but the bottom six is wide open, with numerous players either fighting for a spot, or ones that could move positions throughout the season.

Clarke MacArthurKyle TurrisBobby Ryan

There are two main reasons I think these three will stay together: First, they were the only constantly reliable line for the entire season (until Ryan had his surgery, but even after that the MacArthur – Turris duo was great). The second reason is we all want Ryan to get the most minutes possible, and these are the guys that will get them. No reason to break up the top line, especially when one may leave the team.

Milan MichalekMika ZibanejadAlex Chiasson

This line has a great combo of speed and size. All three are big guys, and I’m not sure how Chiasson’s speed is, but even if it’s mediocre the other two will be more than enough to make up for it. With Chiasson being a new member of the team, and Michalek and Zibanejad having not played together last year, there’s no telling how good (or bad) this line could be.

Mike HoffmanDavid LegwandMark Stone

Another line that could be great or terrible. On paper, it looks pretty good, but then again last year’s team looked better than 2012-13’s. I think Stone and Hoffman are both ready for the jump to being permanent NHLers. They have both looked great in their few games with the Senators, and have both been very successful in Binghamton. Legwand and Hoffman can both fly, and Stone’s skating has improved immensely. We’ll see if he can keep up.

Colin GreeningZack SmithChris Neil

Sorry Smith, you’re still stuck with Neil. The fact of the matter is, while Smith has shown great offensive skill at times, he’s the piece to make this one of the top hitting lines in the division, if not the league. And hey, if Greening wakes up maybe he and Smith can put a couple in every now and then.

Erik Condra would be the thirteenth forward. If he’s needed, I’d love to have him playing on the PK. It’s not that he’s a bad player, I just don’t see him beating Chris Neil to make the lineup. Ever.


Okay, yes, I kept him out. This isn’t necessarily because I don’t want him on the team, I just don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense. If he makes the team, someone will be put on waivers (probably Hoffman). I’d prefer to see him light up the WHL this season than get five minutes of ice time each night. I would say 95% of the people reading this would disagree, but that’s okay .


While we can’t tell if the forward group is extremely deep just yet, we pretty much know the defense isn’t.

Erik KarlssonMarc Methot

Do I even have to explain?

Chris PhillipsCody Ceci

Phillips was so good at pointing to where Ceci was supposed to go last year, I can’t imagine Ceci having to play without him. But seriously, I’d rather not see Phillips get top four ice time, but I have this funny feeling that he will. On the plus side, this means more Ceci.

Jared CowenPatrick Wiercioch/Mark Borowiecki/Eric Gryba

For the love of god, just trade one of them. Dealing with eight defensemen is in no way a good idea. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again: If Wiercioch isn’t going to get any ice time, just trade him. There would be a decent amount of interest in him, plus you could package him with a foward to improve on depth up front.


It’s a guarantee that we see Craig Anderson start the season. MacLean’s already said he is the starting goalie. So it looks like the best Robin Lehner can hope for a around 35 – 40 starts. If they both play well this season, playoffs aren’t out of the question. Lets just hope MacLean allows Lehner to play when Anderson eventually starts to struggle.