Ottawa Senators Fighting For A Spot In Training Camp

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4. Mark Stone vs Alex Chiasson

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I place these two together as they are competing for the same spot, in almost identical situations.

Chiasson may have a little more NHL experience and time, but both scored at a similar pace last year and both are highly touted prospects by the organization.

Both bring size to training camp. At 6 foot 3, Mark Stone has everything it takes to be a secondary scorer in the NHL. He’s worked on his skating the past few years and it has really come a long way.Alex Chiasson is listed at 6 foot 4 and in being the main piece brought back in the Jason Spezza trade, he may be given a better look over Stone just for sheer marketing purposes.

This one is really up in the air. I’d love to see both in scoring roles and I think it is possible to make that happen. However, knowing Paul Maclean’s system it’s likely we see a third line assembled of 14-15-25, and then a 4th line “energy line”.

One of these guys is going to get a shot in the Top 6 and they will be rotated, It’s just a matter of which one steps up come training camp.

Competing Role: Top 6 Right Wing