What Ottawa Senators Might Play In The World Championships?

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It is a tournament that nobody in the NHL really wants to play in, because it means that you either didn’t make the NHL playoffs or were eliminated in the first round.  But once you are there and competing, the chance to represent your country in the World Championships is usually an experience to remember.

However, in this Olympic year, you have to think that most, if not all, of the players who went to Sochi would politely decline the invitation to travel to Minsk, Belarus to participate in the World Championships.

So, given that the Ottawa Senators do not appear bound for the playoffs, (sorry to you optimists out there), some of them might get the call to play for their country.  Here are some who might get asked, and the likelihood they will or will not go. I have already discussed Bobby Ryan‘sBobby Ryan Play For The US At The World Championships?” href=”https://senshot.com/2014/03/27/bobby-ryan-play-us-world-championships/” target=”_blank”> situation with USA Hockey, and that was just before the announcement that he was going to be shut down for the season with a sports hernia.