Mike Hoffman Will Be In A B-Sens Uniform For The Playoffs


Book it. And here’s why.

Unless the Ottawa Senators and the Hershey Bears go on a colossal 10-0 run to reverse the tide, Mike Hoffman will clear waivers and be in the line up for the Binghamton Senators if they succeed in making the upcoming post season party. Binghamton is still in first in their division but only by the slightest of margins, as they have have recovered in losing six games since Hoffman’s call up earlier this month by winning their last four out of five. If so, they will be returning to the post season play for the second year in a row.

Mar 8, 2014; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Ottawa Senators forward Mike Hoffman (68) prior to the game against the Winnipeg Jets at MTS Centre. Ottawa wins 5-3. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes from the beginning of what transpired causing such an uproar that began on our beloved twitter. Hoffman was papered to be on Binghamton’s playoff roster along with defenseman Cody Ceci. Great! Only to find out that he will need to clear waivers first, as explained from TSN’s Steve Lloyd’s tweet;

Concerning Ceci, he won’t have to clear seeing he is signed to an entry-level contract which exempts him. Again, good news! However, an immediate response from a B-Sens fan echoing the same thought from thousands of other Southern Tier fans asking the question why?

Now the confusion unfolds for many, only to have Lloyd with a follow-up tweet explaining why;

As the new rule prevents NHL teams to unleash their fringe players in stockpiling their AHL counterpart’s that have been accustomed to previous years once their season is finished. I like the new CBA rule from the fall out of the lock out, as this now turns into a resemblance of a poker game and who’s bluffing who at a Texas Hold ‘Em event.

If a team does claim any player, then his season is over. He cannot play for the club claiming him. Two questions come to mind, should any team take that risk to prevent an opposing playoff rival to advance any further than they do? Or, does a GM make that sort of move pushing the envelope of an ethics issue in claiming such player to risk rebuttal and question his character and the NHL team he stands for? No and no. That is why Hoffman will be sent down, through waivers, unclaimed.

Then why paper it?

The odds of another team claiming his rights, only to sit him for the remainder of the season, will not bode very well for both Hoffman and his new team that would leave a bitter taste for that NHL organization in many eyes. This is why the paper transaction took place in the first place. He’s going to Binghamton. Tim Murray comes to mind like many people agree, but arguably, would he really make a move with such ruthless chaos to ensue considering his uncle Bryan and the backing he gave his nephew while with the Senators’ organization? Not a chance. Besides, I would love to be that fly on the wall for any upcoming family reunion picnics if he did indeed pull it off.

This is not the Ottawa Senators of the early days and stiffing their farm team. They made a trade, wait hold on, two trades to upgrade the defense here as now new assistant GM Randy Lee, who I’ve seen more appearances out of him at the Arena then both Murrays’ combined over the last 12 seasons, is committed to Luke Richardson and his staff and to the B-Sens fans.

I have renowned faith in the organization as they have proven over the last three seasons in drafting well, taking care of their prospects here in Binghamton and delivering a Calder Cup Championship in 2011. Ottawa seems to be willing partner and in so doing their best in helping us return to the promise land by sending two important players in Cody Ceci and Mike Hoffman, which proves their intentions are genuine just like in 2011.

Here’s hoping I really didn’t just jinx this. Fingers crossed.