Welcome To Ottawa, TSN1200


Most of the names remain the same, but if you were like me this morning and had your alarm go off at 6:00 tuned into the TEAM1200 radio station, you might have been surprised to find that the station has finally been rebranded to TSN1200.

source: TSN1200.ca

The biggest change on the station is that former Sportsnet personality and Senators game host Ian Mendes will be co-hosting the afternoon drive show with Shawn Simpson, from 2-6 pm weekdays.  The new look station also will focus more on local broadcasting, removing the Jim Rome Show from its lineup, and extending the TGOR morning show with Steve Warne and John (J.R.) Rodenburg for an hour (or, if you listen to the show, about 20 minutes) until 10:00.  Steve Lloyd and Jason York have the mid-morning show, extended from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Other thatn Mendes joining the crew, the format is similar with most of the same personalities.

The station has been owned by the Bell Media conglomerate for years, and it is surprising that it took this long for the rebranding to take place, but it joins Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg under the TSN Radio banner.

As long as they don’t start pumping in Toronto based programming to save money, it should continue to appease Ottawa fans.