SenShot’s Season-Long Hockey Contest Coming Soon


Lets face it.  For many people, having a little something on the line when you watch a game (especially when your team isn’t playing) it makes it a little more exciting.  That’s why fantasy sports and gambling make the NFL the most successful sports league in North America.

If you are someone who like to put some money down on games, there are many options out there, like any of these sportsbook reviews, or play Pro-Line, or if you know the right, you can find someone to take almost any bet.

“Hey Nathan, did you hear about SenShot’s hockey pool? Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

But, if you aren’t the person who likes to risk your hard-earned dollars on the outcome of a sporting event, SenShot will have the answer for you.  Starting soon, we will be releasing the details, but we will be running a season-long contest where you can answer daily questions to earn points in your standings.  The questions will be different every day, and will have point values.  If you miss a day, no problem.

There will be no charge to enter and I will keep track of points throughout the year.  I will also have prizes for the winner, and hopefully monthly prizes as well. Stay tuned for details coming soon.

Just another way to make the NHL season interesting, as if you really needed one!