Is There Something Wrong With The Ottawa Senators Postage Stamp?


Yesterday, Canada Post unveiled a series of commemorative postage stamps that are paying tribute to the 7 Canadian NHL teams.

You can see the gallery of stamps on

But when I clicked on the Ottawa Senators postage stamp, something jumped out at me and really caught my eye.

"The stamp depicts a player in the foreground sporting the team’s current jersey and a fan in the background wearing a vintage Sens jersey from 1992 – the team’s inaugural year. –"

Here is a screenshot of the stamp, and tell me if you notice the same thing I did immediately.


Its not really something that is “wrong” per se like a typo or mis-coloration.  But look at the fan that is wearing the 1992 Sens jersey.  Does he look like anyone you might recognize?

The first impression I had was that the fan bore a striking resemblance to current Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.  Obviously not an exact resemblance, but that was the first name I though of when I saw the stamp.


The current relationship between the Senators and the mayor of the City is frosty at best, over the new casino issue.  I just though it was very humorous that a stamp commemorating the Senators featured that image of the Senators current off-ice “enemy”.

I am sure it is a coincidence, and you might not think the resemblance is there like I do, but some Saturday morning levity is always good.