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Uniform Follies – Why Mess With What Works?


The simple answer is – the almighty dollar.

That is why teams are so quick to rush new jerseys to market that are so terrible.

There are three examples in the past couple of weeks that illustrate why you shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

Team USA unveiled their new Olympic uniforms during the evaluation camp, and they were very underwhelming in terms of reaction, with the be-dazzled stars on the shoulder and fake laces.

The Sabres (via Steve Ott) unveiled new third jerseys, and the reaction was much the same….negative.

and finally, this doozy –

And yesterday, a photo surfaced of Jonathan Toews in what was reported to be possibly Team Canada’s Olympic uniform, and quite frankly it might be the worst of the bunch.  It was later pulled down, but the picture had to come from somewhere, right?  If this is indeed the new uniform, I am sure there will be a story behind it, and it will be paying tribute to something.  Why mess with a good thing, the classic Team Canada jersey and Logo?

I don’t know why teams insist on constantly changing their uniforms, other than to get some jersey sales.  But, is there any research or focus group activity that tells them it is a good idea?  Or are they running out of ideas so fast they have to start glittering up the sport?  It pretty sad when the best thing you hear about a new jersey design is “Its not all that bad”, which seems to be the best thing I have heard regarding these designs.

There have been some calls for the Senators to come up with a new design and logo, but I would caution you to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it…and not like the results.