My Top 15 NHL Centers

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Obviously there is a reason why Canada has to be considered a favorite for the gold in Sochi.  Their depth up the middle is unparallelled and of my top 15 centres, 10 of them are Canadian.  As a result, there could be 3 or 4 of them not making the trek to Russia, and another 3 or 4 could be switched to the wing to make the team.

The Swedes have the second-most on my list, with three while Russia rounds out the list with two.  The Americans were shut out of my list, with the best US centre, Ryan Kesler, getting the honorable mention nod.

Check back in the coming days as I break down the rest of the positions.

Feel free to debate my selections, or the ranking that I have given, in the comments section below.  The thing with rankings like this, you could have 100 different people and no two rankings would be the same.  I would like to hear your opinion as well.