What Canadian Club Will Break The Stanley Cup Drought?

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It is now 20 years since a Canadian-based team has lifted the Stanly Cup.  It was 1993 when the Montreal Canadiens capped a Cinderella run and defeated Wayne Gretzky and the Los Angeles Kings in the Finals.  Since then, the Canucks, Oilers, Flames and Senators have all made runs to the finals only to fall short.

This drought is getting ridiculous, and since just under 1/4 of the NHL teams are based in Canada, it should stand to reason that at least one of the teams from the North should have won a Cup by now.  Its just the law of probabilities.  Twelve different American based teams have won the Cup since the Habs, led by the Red Wings with 4 and the Devils with 3.

While there has been a ton of Canadian content on each and every one of those Stanley Cup winning teams, the nation is impatiently waiting for the Cup to come home where it belongs.

Here is my own personal handicapping of the chances of each Canadian club to be the team to bring it back.