SCF: Bruins Even Series At 1 in OT



Stress testing a car typically means putting in on blocks and running the engine until it drops. You push it to its limits and then a little beyond to see what exactly will make it break. Game 1 saw Corey Crawford pass the stress test, hanging on just a little longer. Game 2? Well, Tuukka Rask would not be outdone, and played a beautiful game post to post and buzzer to buzzer.

Jun 15, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Milan Lucic (17) hugs right wing Nathan Horton (18) after game two of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final against the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center. The Bruins won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports


The first period was anything but beautiful if you are a Bruins fan. Getting outshot 19-4 generally isn’t a high priority on anyone’s list. While we in the Ottawa Senators camp are just getting used to a stand out goalie that can win games, the Boston Bruins are all too accustomed to it. Maybe that why, trailing by 1 after 1 and getting tremendously outshot, the Boston Bruins didn’t look all that fazed. They knew they had Tuukka, and 2U’s +2K’s = Heroic. 10 Minutes into the first period, Patrick Kane snuck around 2 Bruin’s defenders and that looked like it would be it for the play. But Rask got over in time and made the initial save, and then the next, and the next. The puck would launch out to the side of the net to a curling Patrick Sharp. Sharp would shoot from the bad angle and the puck would find it’s way past  Rask, giving the Hawks a 1-0 lead at home. Despite the goal, people will be using this as a prime example of goalie interference in the offseason.

Later in the period and controversy again! Jonathan Toews would try the wraparound and puck would skid between Rask’s legs and run the goal line. Getting to the opposite side post the puck crosses the line. The Ref behind the net would blow the puck as dead, having lost sight of it, despite a pretty clear line of sight. It’s ruled no goal, despite how clearly it is a goal, and this game is still 1-0 Hawks. Count this as example 1861 for review in the off season.

Despite an amazing attempt from Dave Bolland to get Brad Marchand to flinch, the second period remained largely uneventful into 5 minutes left. As most Sens fan do, I tend to cheer when Chris Kelly is on the ice, he may not play for the Senators anymore, but I love watching that guy play. Kelly would find a scramble puck in the crease and net it passed Crawford, brining this game even at 1. With a just around a minute remaning, Marchand breaks in on Crawford. Despite the step up on the defender, Marchand is harassed the entire way to the net, he still makes the play getting off a decent chance, but hits the post. This game is even heading in to 3.

But third periods are useless things aren’t they? Why score in a third period when there’s a chance someone could tie it up, much easier to let it ride to Overtime and make it sudden death. This is the playoffs after all, sudden death draws crowds. And if you were in Chicago, once again you were treating to extra time, and the sheer beauty that is Stanley Cup overtime hockey.

The two teams would trade early chances, but both would be turned away by posts and positioning. With 5 minutes remaining guess what happens? A poor defensive zone exit, and a turnover. The puck is dished to Daniel Paille who is wide open in the high slot. Paille shots what would typically not be a high percentage shot, that fools Crawford the Bruins tie this series at 1 heading back to Boston.