Daniel Alfredsson Gets Some “Jungle Karma” For The Ottawa Senators Heading Into Game 4


If you know who Jim Rome is and what he is about, then you know what the term “Jungle Karma” is.  If you don’t, however, here is a quick tutorial.

Jim Rome is the premier syndicated sports talk radio host in North America.  He is listened to on hundreds of stations in the US and Canada, including the noon-3 pm timeslot on the TEAM1200 in Ottawa.  His popularity extends to every sport (except soccer) and his listeners go by the moniker of “clones”.  The environment of his show and the combination of himself and his vast listenership is called “The Jungle”.  A few years ago, a long stretch of athletes seemed to come up with great performances after appearing as guests on his show.  This led to the creation of “Jungle Karma”, referring to the good fortunes of players who guest on the show, and it has spread throughout the sporting world, with athletes on occasion even asking to be on the show in order to get some Jungle Karma.

May 19, 2013; Ottawa, ON, CAN; Ottawa Senators right wing Daniel Alfredsson (11) controls the puck in the first period in game three of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Scotiabank Place. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson got his own dose of Jungle Karma on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Wednesday’s game 4 against the Penguins.

Alfredsson was a guest on the Jim Rome Show, and gained some exposure for the team and himself across North America.

You can hear the entire interview HERE.

Some highlights of the interview include:

  • Stating that if he is going to win a Cup, it will be in Ottawa
  • There is a very special feeling around the team this season
  • He gave respect to former teammates Zdeno Chara, Marian Hossa and *cough* Dany Heatley as former teammates he enjoyed playing with
  • The Senators gave Pittsburgh too much respect in the first two games of the series.

Here’s hoping that Jungle Karma rears its head Wednesday night.