Is A Senators Series Win Over The Penguins “In The Stars”? – A Psychic Take On Sens/Pens


You have heard what all the hockey related people, experts or not, have had to say about the Senators/Penguins playoff series.  Well, I had the opportunity to go in a completely different direction and got a psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics, who provided a reading on some of the key players in the series, and made a prediction, which can be seen below:

May 14, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins goalie

Tomas Vokoun

(92) makes a save in front of defenseman

Brooks Orpik

(44) and Ottawa Senators right wing

Daniel Alfredsson

(11) during the third period in game one of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs at the CONSOL Energy Center. The Pittsburgh Penguins won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

"The race towards the Stanley Cup is heating up, practically burning a hole through the ice. Two of the prime contenders for the Silver are the Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Penguins. While the Senators are undoubtedly strong contenders, they face stiff competition in the form of one of the NHL’s toughest teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins. While stats, — and sometimes injury lists — can offer some insight into how the series may end, hockey fans can also look to the stars to lend a look at team dynamics and possible portents indicating which team may ultimately emerge victorious. Let’s take a look at some key players for both the Sens and Pens and see how their astrological signs may influence the battle for the Stanley Cup. Pittsburgh PenguinsLet’s take a look at the opposition first, shall we? The Pittsburgh Penguins are lead by Sid “The Kid” Crosby, alternately one of the most admired and reviled players in the NHL today. Crosby, born under the sign of Leo, seems predestined to have this sort of polarizing effect on people. Fire sign Leo is known for his strong leadership capabilities, however, Leo (and Crosby) detractors may say he may love the spotlight a little too much, hogging all of the glory for a deserved team effort. Nevertheless, Crosby’s sun sign pairs very well with two of his Penguin compatriots: goaltender Tomas Vokoun (Cancer) and left wing Matt Cooke (Virgo). In terms of chronology in the astrological wheel, Leo is flanked by both Cancer and Virgo, which seems to be oddly appropriate in this instance. All three signs mesh very well together. Virgo is meticulous in terms of strategy, in turn, Cooke proves invaluable to his captain and teammates. Meanwhile, Vokoun’s Cancerian influence informs his plays with a keen intuition, knowing just when and where to be to block the opposition’s puck. Ruled by the moon, those born under the sign of Cancer can be somewhat moody at times, but are generally pretty laid back. Vokoun seems to play his cards close to the chest and goes with the flow — fitting for this water sign. Without a doubt, the Pens’ team dynamic is strong and they work together like a well-oiled machine. They’re a tough team to tame… But perhaps the Senators are up to the challenge.Ottawa SenatorsDaniel Alfredsson, the Senators’ right wing and Captain is born under the fiery sign of Sagittarius, marking him as a natural, rather noble leader with an imaginative streak. Alfredsson’s sun sign endows him with the ability to get creative with plays on-the-fly. Sagittarius is known for his ability to lead not only capably, but with a strong sense of justice.Two of Alfie’s teammates, defenseman Erik Karlsson and centerman Jason Spezza are both Geminis. Gemini, represented by a set of cosmic twins within the zodiac, is known for its mercurial nature and the ability to bounce back from any setback due to a solid sense of humor and undefeatable attitude. This is particularly evident considering both Spezza and Karlsson are coming off of injuries. Spezza’s return to the ice during the Pens-Sens series has been in limbo and Karlsson is not yet back to his old self just yet. Nevertheless, Spezza and his Gemini cohort Karlsson may have some good fortune on the way due to the planet Jupiter moving into their sun sign in the late part of May.The Sens’ goalie, Craig Anderson is born on May 21st, right on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. Like his Gemini teammates, Anderson is surrounded by that same aura of perseverance, but his Taurean side makes him just a little bit more bullish and aggressive — especially when it comes to guarding the Senators’ turf. Prediction: The abundance of Gemini juju on the Senators’ squad is a boon in terms of astrological events. The end of May heralds Jupiter migrating into Gemini, removing its influence from Taurus.  Factor in that the Senators’ captain, Daniel Alfredsson is a Sagittarius (a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter), and this is a pretty dang good omen.In astrology-speak, Jupiter moving into Gemini signals a streak of good luck and blessings — particularly where it concerns hard work and a diligent effort. Jupiter has a positive impact on any sign that the planet enters. In this instance, this astrological event can swing the odds in the favor of the Senators in their bid for the Stanley Cup, seeing them trump the Penguins and send them packing, Cup-less, all the way back to Pittsburgh.This post was written on behalf of Hollywood Psychics. If you’d like to get predictions for your own life, talk to a Hollywood Psychics psychic today!"