The Ottawa Senators Are The Rodney Dangerfield Of The NHL: Getting No Respect


I tuned into an episode of TSN’s The Reporters this morning, and lo and behold, when they did their “Rapid Fire” Segment and came to the Ottawa Senators, there were 2 quotes that show that the Senators are still not getting as much respect as they deserve.

Steve Simmons (@simmonssteve on twitter) of the Toronto Sun said:

"They have been valiant and they have done enough to make the playoffs and they’re the team you want to play.  I think if you can pick a first round opponent that is the team you want to play because that miracle has to run out somewhere."

And Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur on twitter)  of the National Post followed that up with:

"Its a marvelous season and everyone involved should congratulate themselves.  But over an 82 game season do you think the Ottawa Senators make the playoffs?  Because I don’t."

So, what do the Senators need to do to get the respect of the Toronto media?  Obviously staying in the top 6 and only having a 5 game losing streak to keep them behind the vaunted Toronto Maple Leafs isn’t enough.  Why would Arthur suggest that the Senators wouldn’t make the playoffs over 82 games when they have kept their head above water and withstood major injuries in a shortened season?  Eventually they would be healthy and a lineup with Jason Spezza, Jared Cowen, Erik Karlsson and Milan Michalek for half the season is a playoff team in my books the way they have played without them.

Mar 30, 2013; Ottawa, ON, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs left wing Frazer McLaren is shoved by Ottawa Senators right wing Chris Neil (25) in the third period at Scotiabank Place. The Leafs defeated the Senators 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

I am sick of the mainstream media coming out of Toronto and the bias this so-called “National” show leans so far Leafs-Habs it isn’t funny.  Three Toronto and one Montreal-based reporter are supposed to be representative of the entire country?  And for Arthur to call the Leafs “the hottest team in the NHL” and be only 3 points up on Ottawa despite Ottawa’s 5  game losing streak over the last week and a half just shows how biased he is.  Arthur also stated “Ottawa is a shell of itself” when discussing how great the Leafs are and how they are primed to roll over the Eastern Conference, yet claims that the team wouldn’t make the playoffs over a full season?

You have come to expect some ridiculousness from the Sun Media chain, but the National Post is supposed to be relatively respectful and have integrity.  That is gone in my eyes.

Just like Rodney Dangerfield, the Sens aren’t getting any respect.