Its Not Time For Ottawa Senators Fans To Panic…Yet


Step away from the ledge, keep your hands away from the panic button.  If you are a fan of the Ottawa Senators, it is not time to panic just yet.

Apr 9, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Ottawa Senators teammates and head coach

Paul MacLean

huddle up during a timeout in the third period against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Tampa Bay Times Forum. Tampa Bay Lightning defeated thte Ottawa Senators 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Concern is appropriate, frustration is understandable, but as long as the Senators control their own destiny, outright panic is not necessary.

Flash back to Feb 15th, the day after Erik Karlsson‘s injury.  Ottawa was tied for 5th place in the conference, in the 6th seed.  If I would have told you on that date that without Jason Spezza and Karlsson, and then Milan Michalek and Craig Anderson would suffer lengthy injuries, and the Senators would still be in 6th place with 9 games to play, I am sure each and every one of you would have accepted that.

Yes, the lead the Senators had over 9th place in the conference has shrunk.  The current 5 game losing streak has been tough to take and it has resulted in the gap going from 6 points to 2.

It has been tough to watch, but face the facts, the team is not playing that much differently than they were when they were winning.  It is a fine line the team has to play with such a rookie-laden inexperienced lineup on the ice, and home vs the road makes all the difference in getting desired matchups.  The points that the Senators were getting for going to extra time are not coming, as the late goals are killing them on the road.

There are still 9 games remaining, and the Senators are in a spot where they control their own destiny.  Just like a top-level auto race, catching up is one thing, but making that pass is entirely another.  The Senators would need to get passed by 3 teams that are trailing them.

I know its tough, but to turn on the team now is not the way of Sens fans.  I would expect it from fans of other teams, but they have scratched and clawed for almost 3 months to put themselves in the position they are now in, where they don’t yet NEED help from other teams to get the Senators into the playoffs, although it wouldn’t hurt.

They are still in a very good situation that each and every one of you would have accepted two and a half months ago.  Don’t abandon ship now. Don’t panic, unless the time comes where Ottawa no longer controls their own destiny.