Why You Shouldn’t Expect Any Big Moves From The Ottawa Senators At The Trade Deadline (Plus A Rumor)


The NHL trade deadline is quickly approaching. That date is April 3rd 2013. This day is always an exciting day in hockey but don’t look for the Ottawa Senators to make a big move and/or Daniel Alfredsson being traded. Here is why I think this will be a quiet day for the Sens.

It has been said that

Jason Spezza

has started working out and could return in 2-3 weeks.  Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know the Ottawa Senators have been dealing with a huge amount of injuries. With all the injuries it has given the chance to see some players maybe the Sens didn’t expect to see this year. What this has done, is it has given the Sens the opportunity to see just how good their depth is and from what we’ve come to notice is that the depth is better than what we have thought. Players such as Mika Zibanejad, Eric Gryba and Patrick Wiercioch, have probably played beyond Bryan Murray’s expectations.

During training camp we heard rumblings that the G.M. was looking to a a veteran defenceman to the lineup to help with the loss of Jared Cowen. Those call ups have played so well beyond Murray’s expectations, that he didn’t feel the need to make a move after the Senators lost Erik Karlsson. That right there is a testament to how well those players have stepped in.

Now your probably wondering why I don’t think the Sens will make very many moves at the deadline. The reason is partly because of what I explained above, the depth and also the return of none other than Jason Spezza. The Senators have played so well since the loss of big pieces, in Spezza, Milan Michalek, Erik Karlsson and to a certain extent Jared Cowen. This give the Senators G.M. a certain amount of flexibility. He now knows that his depth is very good along with a product on the ice that has already shown they can still compete on a nightly basis without their stars.

The addition of Jason Spezza just around or before the trade deadline alone is almost like making a big acquisition. Along with the return of the NHL’s candidate for the Vezina, Craig Anderson, you have some big pieces coming into the lineup. Combine that with the fact that the Senators aren’t really a Stanley Cup contender, you wouldn’t expect them to rid themselves of big prospects, in order to make a big splash.

As for Alfredsson,I don’t expect him to be moved unless he, and a big emphasis on he, wants to be moved to a contender. If you go back a couple years, you would remember Alfredsson himself telling us he plans on retiring in a Senators uniform, with or without a cup. Now no one is stopping him from changing his mind but those are just the facts and why I don’t expect him to move anywhere.

Now for the Senators rumor update. Last night it was mentioned the Sens are looking to add toughness to their lineup probably due to the fact that Dave Dziurzynski was KO’d the other night. I think adding toughness is ridiculous and have never been an advocate of it. In today’s NHL you can’t have a guy in your lineup that all he can do it fight, it is a wasted spot. That is why Chris Neil and Zack Smith are far more valuable. Adding a fighter will not improve their lineup. Don Cherry might tell you otherwise but I won’t.