Ottawa Senators And Their Fans Should Be Ready For Another Montreal Celebration Next Wednesday Night


We all know the Montreal Canadiens like their pre-game ceremonies.  You don’t have to go back too far, just to the beginning of the season, for an example of how over the top they can go to reach back to their past.

I guess you could forgive them since they haven’t had a ton to cheer about lately, and they have such a glorious past that it is natural.

Mar 5, 2013; Uniondale, NY, USA; Montreal Canadiens right wing Brian Gionta (21) celebrates his goal during the third period against the New York Islanders at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The goal was the 20,000th in Montreal Canadiens franchise history. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Well, prepare for another one, and it could affect the Ottawa Senators. You see, Montreal is in the midst of a six game road trip and last night, in the second game of that roadie, Brian Gionta scored a goal at the 6:07 mark of the third period.  The goal tied the game at three, and the Habs went on to lose the game 6-3.

The significance? Gionta’s goal was the 20,000th goal in franchise history.  More than any other franchise, and you can bet the Canadiens are going to celebrate that milestone in a big bad way when they get home.

Their next home game – Wednesday, March 13th.  The unfortunate opponents that night, of course, are the Ottawa Senators.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard leads the franchise in goals with 544.  Sixty-eight players have contributed exactly 1 goal to the 20,000 over the years.  In between, there are 411 other players who have had a hand or two in the Habs reaching a franchise milestone.

Here’s hoping they don’t trot out all 480 players that have scored at least 1 goal for the Habs, including the ones that have passed, using some sort of Tupac Shakur-like hologram technology.

After the season opener, I would put nothing past them in Montreal.