Could Wade Redden Return To The Ottawa Senators?


Don’t dust off those #6 Wade Redden jerseys just yet, but a decision regarding compliance buyouts today between the NHL and NHLPA could open the door for players like Redden and Scott Gomez to find new NHL homes this season.

While the terms are convoluted, and in no way guarantees that the players will be bought out, it poses the interesting question, Would Wade Redden come back to Ottawa?

By all accounts, Redden has played NHL quality hockey while he was shipped off in the minors, just not the caliber of a $6M player.  With a couple of holes on the Senators blue line, it might be worth the risk of offering Redden a contract for $1M or less to give him the shot to prove that he still has some game left.

On the other hand, it might be difficult for him to return to the place where his career basically fell off the rails.

I am sure there will be teams kicking the tired if and when he gets bought out.  How many offers he gets and where they come from.

Never say never.