Senators Release 2012-13 Schedule – But When Will It Actually Start?


The day after the NHL awarded its best and brightest under the bright lights of Vegas, the off season continued with the announcement and release of the NHL schedule for the 2012-13 season.  A brief bit of hysteria and analysis ensued,  as the Internet buzzed with mentions of important games flew around cyberspace.

I was not among those elated people, as my enthusiasm couldn’t be mustered up to even look at a schedule that, in my opinion, has almost 0% chance of being the actual schedule that will be played.  With the impending labor negotiations not even commenced and rumors of management demands leaking out, I don’t see a quick resolution in the offing.

If you wish, you can view the Senators schedule as it sits right now HERE.  I think that this is the first of what will probably be a half dozen incarnations of the NHL schedule as the negotiations pass certain dates and shorter schedules become necessary.

Once again I have never hoped to be wrong as much as I do on this point, but I can’t see it.