Do Senators Fans Care If Volchenkov Wins The Cup?


Something struck me over the last couple of days as I remember back to how much people wanted Chris Kelly to win a cup in Boston last season, and it struck me as odd that Anton Volchenkov is not getting the same kind of respect from fans of his former team.

The bruising blueliner was drafted by and spent 7 years in Ottawa before leaving for a lucrative contract in New Jersey.  Perhaps it was the way he left in the summer of 2010, as he departed for greener pastures on his own, but he is the only real connection to the Senators left in the Stanley Cup Finals.  I would have thought there would be some buzz about the potential for a Senators-developed player to raise the Cup. But nothing  I have seen even mentions the former Sen who was a shot-blocker before shot-blocking became the “cool” thing to do.

It looks like he will not get the chance, being down 3-1 in the final, but I am surprised at the lack of any mention of it whatsoever around Ottawa.