PIT @ PHI Game 3 : Cue the GONGSHOW!


The first two games of the #4 Pittsburgh Penguins and the #5 Philadelphia Flyers was characterized by terrible goaltending from both sides.

In game 3, the hatred that has been simmering boiled over big time and the result was a gong-show as the Penguins got some frustrations out, although they lost the battle and face elimination after only 3 games.

Sidney Crosby was at the centre of the shenanigans, with hacks at the goaltender, knocking away an opponent’s glove, and picking fights all night.  It got vicious at times, as Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier both left the game for periods of time, after Schenn was crosschecked in the face by Aaron Asham and Couturier was blindsided by James Neal. In all, there were 158 penalty minutes handed out, 89 to Pittsburgh.

Lost in the goonery and message sending was the play of Marc-Andre Fleury, who allowed 6 goals in the first two periods en route to being pulled in the Flyers 6-4 victory. The Penguins have allowed 20 goals in the first 3 games.

The Penguins have an extra day to try to focus on playing hockey and climbing out of the hole they are in.  Game 4 goes on Wednesday.