Bell & Rogers Team Up To Buy Leafs, I Think I Want To Throw Up


If you thought the over-exposure of all things Blue and White on national media stage was annoying before Friday, as the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

The two national media giants in Canada, Bell Media and Rogers, teamed up to buy 75% of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which includes the Maple Leafs, their AHL affiliate Toronto Marlies, the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and MLS’ Toronto FC.

So get ready for the lead story on both SportsCentre as well as Sportsnet Connected (if anyone actually watches that one) on a daily basis to be the Leafs highlights of their games, and extensive coverage as they try to further hype their brand.  Also on non-Leaf game days, the lead story could very well be what James Reimer had for breakfast or what color socks Brian Burke is wearing.  There was about 20 minutes of coverage of the sale of the club on Friday’s TSN SportsCentre, where anchor Jay Onrait said (tongue in cheek) “Finally the Leafs might get their fair share of coverage on TSN”

As if the Leafs weren’t shoved down our throats before, I fear it is going to be ten times worse now that they both have a stake in owning the club. And just think, whether you have cable or satellite, a portion of your bill is going towards the purchase and ongoing support of own our own worst enemy.

I don’t know if this is a good thing if you are a fan of fair and balanced coverage, or if you are a Sens fan who already feels that the Sens are treated like second-class citizens when it comes to national exposure.




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