The Great Senators Rookie Scavenger Hunt!


As reported by Ian Mendes on the Sportsnet broadcast Sunday night, the Senators added a twist to their teambuilding rookie dinner that was held in Vancouver on Friday night.  After taking the team to lunch, Captain Daniel Alfredsson and the other veterans apparently handed a list of scavenger hunt items that the 7 rookies had to find and bring to the rookie dinner.

So what was on the list?  We may never know for sure, but it makes the mind wonder, and here is a list of Vancouver-related things that I would have put on my list if I was Alfie:

1.  Roberto Luongo’s hair product – Bring the tube (or vat) of whatever he puts in that greasy-looking ‘do

2.  A Killer Whale Tooth (freshly pulled) from the Vancouver Aquarium

3. The Can of Beer that Marie-Philip Poulin drank from after the Women’s Gold Medal game at the 2010 Olympics, causing a mini-scandal because she was not yet legal drinking age.

4. A picture with famous Canadian scientist/television host David Suzuki

5.  A lock of Steve Nash‘s hair.

6.  This jackass’ green wig:

Rioters after June’s Stanley Cup Loss to Boston (Photo: Arlen Redekop Postmedia News Service)

7. A protest sign from the Occupy Vancouver camp

8.  An 1/8th ounce of pot from one of the city’s many “legal” dispensaries.

9.  A freshly caught salmon of at least 20 lbs

10. Someone who lives in Vancouver who doesn’t claim that they were at the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal win for Team Canada…because you know there was more than 2 million people in attendance at Rogers Arena that day!

50 POINT BONUS:  A letter signed by both of the Sedin Twins requesting a trade from the Canucks to the Senators.

There was no word on what rookie(s) won the scavenger hunt, but I can most assuredly believe that their list wasn’t as fun (or challenging) as mine.



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