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Championship Hangover Plaguing the B-Sens


From Our Binghamton Senators Correspondents KTM on the BSens

The Binghamton Senators are stuck in one of their worst runs in a very long time.  The BSens fell to the Hamilton Bulldogs Sunday (in Ottawa), putting them in an 0-6-0-1 slump.  Sadly, there is no silver lining to this cloud.  The BSens offense is lacking, their defense is somewhat stagnant and their goaltending has been average.

The one consistent theme this year for the BSens has been shots on goal (or lack thereof). I can’t remember a season where the team has lost the ability to shoot the puck like this.   The Binghamton Senators

have been out shot 562-432 this season, a difference of 130.  They really seem to struggle in the opening 2 periods of the game (much like the parent club).  The BSens have only out shot their opponents twice this season and their season low shots on goal totals have been a woeful 14, 15, and 18.  Only scoring 37 goals this season gives them an 11.7% shooting percentage and leaves them near the basement in almost every offensive category.

Robin Lehner looks good in net, but is not the same goaltender that carried this team through the Calder Cup Playoffs a year ago. Trying to find a bright spot for this team is a very big struggle.  Truly, it looks like a complete lack of team effort.  Coach Kurt Kleinendorst needs to find a way quickly to get a spark going on this team or before they know it they will be watching the chance to defend the Calder Cup pass them by as they are sitting on the sidelines come April.

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