Introducing SenShot’s Newest Writer – KEVIN LEE


Hey All,

My name is Kevin Lee and I’m looking forward to joining the Senshot team. I was raised and still live in Kanata and thus the Ottawa Senators are the only team I’ve ever cheered for. I’m also one of the few you won’t find complaining about the location of Scotiabank Place. My current occupation is a student which gives me the free time to follow everything Senators.

I’m looking forward to bringing my own opinion on the many issues that will arise during the rebuild that the Senators are currently going through. The next few years are certainly going to determine how successful the Sens will be on their rise back to the top and I’m looking forward to covering it every step along the way. There will definitely be some rough patches as well as successful ones, but I’ll always be supporting the team through the good and bad. I hope that my knowledge of the Senators will provide you all with a good read and maybe a different perspective then your own. I’m always open to comments and suggestion to my articles. Lastly, Go Sens Go!

To contact Kevin, email him at  and follow me on Twitter at @sensforlife11 for any Ottawa Senators and NHL news.