Honoring The KHL Fallen


The recent plane crash that occurred this week has shown us all how precious life is and how fast it can be taken away. With the passing of 43 people on the plane, the entire sport of hockey, as well as the world was devastated.

In a tribute to their fallen brothers, Dinamo Minsk, the scheduled opponents of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, had a ceremony to honour those that are no longer with us.

Rest in Peace…

Vitaly Anikeenko

Yuri Bahvalov

Alexander Belyaev

Mikhail Balandin

Alexander Vasyunov

Joseph Vashichek

Alexander E. Vyuhin

Robert Genrikhovich Ditrih

Pavol Demitra

Andrey Zimin

Marat Natfullovich Kalimulin

Alexander G. Karpovtsev

Alexander I. Kalyanin

Andrey Kiryuhin

Nikita Klyukin

Igor Borisovich Korolev

Nikolai KrivonosovEvgeny Kunnov

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kuznetsov

Stephen Daniel Patrick Liv

Jan Marek

Sergey I. Ostapchuk

Vladimir Leonidovich Piskunov

Karel Rahunek

Ruslan Salei

Evgeny Sidorov

Karlis Martinovic Skrastins

Pavel Snurnitsyn

Daniel E. Sobchenko

Gennady S. Churilov

Maxim A. Shuvalov

Artem Nikolaevich Yarchuk.

Head coach: Brad McCrimmon

Everyone at SenShot and the FanSided Sports Network would like to show their sympathy by taking a moment of silence on Twitter at 9:00 a.m. Friday.

We will post #KHLMomentofSilence at exactly 9am on Twitter and follow it with 60 seconds of silence and prayer. You are most welcome to join our family in this salute.