Around the NHL in 30 Days – Anaheim Ducks


The Fansided NHL Network, that SenShot is proud to be a member of, is embarking on its NHL preview. Each day in September, one of its members will be posting a preview for their club.  SenShot will look at their preview, and let you have a look.  After that, we will provide our own perspective.  Jared will handle the Western Conference teams while Tony will look at the East.

Up first, is the Anaheim Ducks

From the Ducks Daily Blog’s preview:

"It is safe to say the Ducks have one of the strongest cores in the NHL. The Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry line is one of the best trios in the league and can take on anyone. If Teemu Selanne returns, he will bring back his magic to the powerplay. They also have some insane power on the blue line with veteran Lubomir Visnovsky and rookie Cam Fowler. With Jonas Hiller in net, the Ducks have one of the league’s top goaltenders.The Ducks biggest issue would be their lack of depth. Ducks GM Bob Murray made some off-season moves to hopefully fix those problems.Losses:"


SenShot’s take on the Ducks:

Teemu Selanne and Jonas Hiller are the pivotal factors in whether the Ducks will simply be very good or if they will be great.  There might not be a more complete first line in hockey than Getzlaf-Perry-Ryan, and if Selanne returns to the second line it will become dynamic once again.  Hopefully for the Ducks’ sake, Jonas Hiller is indeed recovered from his bout of vertigo, as Dan Ellis isn’t a quality starter.  They didn’t really have room to retain Ray Emery but they might regret not making the room for him.

A couple of former Ottawa 67’s hope to have career rebirths as Mark Bell (a nemesis to Sens fans) and Bryan Rodney look to make the roster.

All in all, the Ducks are a playoff team, without a doubt.  Whether they can take the next step in the playoffs will depend much on the play of Hiller and also on whether or not Selanne has once again drank from the fountain of youth.


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