Mika Zibanejad Has Landed In Ottawa


Your Ottawa Senators 2011 first round draftee (6th overall) Mika Zibanejad has landed in Ottawa and has begun his quest to make the NHL squad at this year’s training camp. Let’s take a look at his interview with Ottawa reporters. Video courtesy of SensTV.

Here are my thoughts of the interview:

~On Mika getting recognized around Ottawa: it just goes to show the high hockey knowledge Ottawa fans have as they recognize a prospect that has never played a game for Ottawa as he walks around town in the middle of summer. If he can live up to the hype, Mika should become a fan favorite very quickly in Ottawa.

~On Mika getting ready for the rookie camp: arriving three weeks early to prepare for Ottawa’s rookie camp shows that Mika is serious about making the team this year. With his team back in Sweden already training for their season, Mika is only focused on Sens rookie camp. That’s good news to hear.

~On Mika training in Ottawa: arriving in Ottawa early as he prepares for training camp, Mika is currently working out with current Sens Daniel Alfredsson, Chris Neil and Matt Carkner. This is great as Mika is taking a proactive approach as he can learn from current pros and known hard working players. Having already been skating back home in Sweden, Mika should be fully prepared for training camp in September.

~On Mika choosing number 93: soon to be the hottest selling Sens jersey, Mika will don number 93 as it is his favorite number as its his birth year. Some people don’t like the high jersey numbers, but I like it as it makes him more noticeable on the ice.

~On Mika dealing with the pressure: Mika’s response was that he would have fun with it and continue to play his game. As he said, he was drafted for a reason. Hopefully Mika will be prepared for the media attention he will get in Ottawa and the sometimes insane media coverage that will report his every move. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and has that Swedish laid back attitude that should help him handle himself well in Ottawa.

~On Mika wanting to be in Ottawa: Mika’s goal is to make the Sens squad this year and will do everything he can to make the decision on whether or not to keep him here very difficult for Ottawa’s coaching staff. It’s always great to see a young prospect have confidence in himself and believe that he can make a difference.

Overall, Mika seems to be gearing up for a strong training camp performance. With his goal to remain with Ottawa, Mika is doing all the right things to step himself up for a great camp. With the second line center position still open, Mika has a shot to make the big club in Ottawa. Will he make the club? I don’t know but it’ll be interesting this fall at training camp. Check out Jared’s piece on what options the Sens have with Mika and the upcoming season.


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