Sens Honour Ottawa’s Hockey History With Heritage Jersey


The Ottawa Senators will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this season and have lots of ideas and plans to celebrate, one of them being the introduction of a new third jersey. The current thirds which are black with ‘SENS’ written across the chest, are being replaced with new heritage-style jerseys.

The news of the new sweater had sens fans speculating for a long time on what it would look like, and it appears there is now an answer. Sketches and photos of the suspected design have hit the internet, and started a brand new excitement for the upcoming season.

The recent leak of what is supposedly the Senators new heritage jersey (or at least something similar) has got all the Sens fans talking. The previews of the jersey show it as being mostly black but having the classic red and white stripes. It also features the ‘O’ logo. The stripes and style may seem a bit odd or strange to some, but to Sens fans they shows history.

The new heritage jersey is meant to pay tribute to the early Senators teams and Ottawa’s hockey history, going far beyond the current Ottawa Senators 20 years of existence. It takes features from the jerseys worn by old Senators teams who played in the beginning of the twentieth century. It brings memories of players such as Frank Finnigan, who was a member of the 1927 Stanley Cup winning Senators. Finnigan also had his jersey with the number 8 retired by the Ottawa Senators during the modern team’s first game in 1992. Its the history with things such as that that has earned the new jersey love and respect from Sens fans.

Based on the reviews by Sens fans so far, it is quite popular and the comments have been very positive. Several fans have even been waiting patiently and eagerly for this ‘O’ logo to be on the front of Sens jerseys since it was introduced as a shoulder patch in 2007. And now that it is here, there don’t seem to be any disappointments.

Personally, I love the look of this design for the heritage jersey and would be happy to see it on the team this season. It does a good job honouring the history of Ottawa Hockey, while adding a bit more of a modern edge. The jersey is a great addition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Sens and I know I’ll be first in line to buy one.


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