If I Had The Cup For A Day, I Would…


One of the many perks of being a Stanley Cup champion is getting your own day with the Stanley Cup. Players and staff of the winning team each get 24 hours to do anything they want with the cup. Some players have eaten out of it, some have gone swimming with it, and other players have even taken it atop mountains. The members of the Boston Bruins, the 2011 Stanley Cup champions, are currently taking their turns with the cup, and as it’s been going around, it’s brought up a question for us here at SenShot: “If I had the Stanley Cup for a day, what would I do with it?”

After a lot of thinking, I was able to come up with an idea of what my perfect day with the cup would be like. If I ever had the opportunity at a day with the cup, I would make sure it was a memorable 24 hours. The first thing I would do is go with the cup and some friends for a ZERO-G experience; this is a flight that simulates zero gravity, and gives passengers the feeling of true weightlessness. I would be floating with the Stanley Cup beside me, thousands of feet above the ground.

The flight takes 5 hours, so that would be my whole afternoon. In the evening I would have a party with family and friends. I would have Katy Perry (one of my favourite singers) there for entertainment and a DJ as well. This party would also involve the typical drinking out of the Stanley Cup, only because I don’t think I could resist the temptation to do so.

Finally, I would end my celebrations by going to sleep with the cup because players always say that there is no feeling better than waking up one morning next to the Stanley Cup. My 24 hours would conclude with me reluctantly passing it off to the person who has the honour of getting it for the next day.

The rest of the SenShot staff had their own ideas of what they would do with it:

"I am from the school of thought where you don’t touch the Stanley Cup unless you have won it, so I really haven’t thought about it much in the past. I would share it with all my family and friends and those who were instrumental in getting me to that point, at a private party of some sort. Then I would hold an event to allow the public to see it, touch it, have their picture taken with it  and raise money for a good cause would also be a plan.I like the Niedermayers’ idea of taking it up a mountain, but I am not that ambitious.-JaredIf I had the Stanley Cup for a day, I would take the Cup to the air and go sky diving with it. The Cup has been on land before, it’s been in water before, so I would want to be the first to take it to the air. Imagine floating 5,000 feet in the air with Lord Stanley.Next I would organize a huge party in Ottawa on Parliament Hill with Girl Talk rocking the beats, Pizza Cones for everybody, and a drink or two to enjoy the show. I would end the night a la Sidney Crosby-TonyI would keep it simple and intimate. All my closest friends and family would be there, we’d probably take it to the Barley Mow in Barrhaven and eventually drink copious amounts of beer out of the thing. For a change of pace, maybe we’d get a road hockey game going; the winning team, of course, bagging the Stanley Cup.-Derrick"

Now it’s your turn, Sens fans. If you had the honour of getting the Stanley Cup for a day, what would you do with it?


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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