What Are You Expecting From The 2011-12 Senators Season?


The title question is one that has been around since the 2010-11 season ended. To be able to fully answer that question, there are many more that need to be answered,  and I will pose some of them now.  I have answers for many of them in my mind, and will examine them in depth over the coming month or so. First, I want to get feedback from you, the SenShot reader, before I give you my opinions.

What can we expect from the new look Senators in 2011-12?

How will the new players perform, and how will the changes that were made and will be made, pan out?

Was the play at end of last season a sign of things to come or just a team playing care-free with no pressure that happened to string a few wins together?

How will Paul MacLean‘s demeanor and coaching style impact the play on the ice?

What impact will be felt from rookie defensemen that are expected to make the lineup?

Can Craig Anderson‘s play be steady enough to allow Kuba, Phillips, Gonchar and Karlsson recover from horrendous +/- numbers?

Will the Senators score enough goals to win games?

Is a playoff appearance too much to ask for?

Can the Captain return to form after a painfully sub-par season that was plagued by imjury?

Did the real Jason Spezza show up in the last 1/3 of the season, and can he continue that level of play?

These are just a few of many questions that will only be answered as the season rolls along.  However, the fun is in predicting what will happen and the satisfaction of being right.

So here is your chance to tell us what YOU think will happen, before you get our opinions.  You can answer any or all of the questions above by commenting below.


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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