Introducing SenShot’s Newest Writer: Brandy Chadala


We here at SenShot are on our continuous quest to bring you the most and best Sens coverage on the interweb today. To help our great staff of Jared Crozier, Derrick Brose and myself, we are adding a new member to the SenShot family.

I would like to introduce our newest writer, Brandy Chadala. Here’s a few words from Brandy.

"Hey Sens Fans,My name is Brandy Chadala and I’m excited to be the joining the Senshot team as a writer. I live in the capital city and I always cheer on my home team, the Ottawa Senators, as I’m sure most of you readers do as well.I’m proud to be the first female hockey fan on the team, and I am fairly certain I am the youngest as well. I’m hoping that both of these things will give me a different and unique perspective to capture your interest.Because of my age, I haven’t been watching Sens since the team first joined the NHL, but I have been cheering for the team for as long as I can remember. Perhaps I wasn’t watching the Sens in their first seasons, but I believe that “the biggest fans are not those who have been there from the beginning, but those who are willing to stay until the end”. I stick with this team through the good and the bad. I’ve watched the Sens make it to the Stanley Cup Final, and celebrated at Scotiabank Place with thousands of other Sens fans. I’ve also seen the team go through losing streaks, I’ve seen them miss playoffs all together, and I’ve had my favourite player traded, but I support with my team, win or lose, as I hope you all do as well.I am going to try and use the hockey knowledge I have accumulated over my short life and my writing skills to bring you interesting and informing stories on all things Sens. My goal is simply that you enjoy reading my work, and perhaps learn a little along the way. I am open for comments on my posts, I’d love to know your opinions. I’m always up for a discussion on any views or ideas about the Sens.I look forward to cheering for the Sens along with all of you this season. Let’s go Sens!~Brandy"

Please give her a big welcome SenShot fans and you can also follow Brandy on Twitter here.


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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