Ryan Shannon Signs in Tampa


Ryan Shannon is now a former Ottawa Senator as he agreed to  a one year, $625,000 (reportedly) contract to join Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Shannon broke the news on his twitter feed last night, and had nice things to say about the Senators and the city:

"Goodbye Ottawa. I’ll miss my teammates, the fans and the city. Great organization. See you Dec 5! #thank you #sens"

Shannon had his best NHL season in 2010-11, and was one of the better players in the lineup after the player purge began.  He was given greater ice time and he made the most of it.  With the signing of a number of younger players, there simply wasn’t a spot for him on the Ottawa roster.

Shannon spent most of 3 seasons in Ottawa, netting 63 points in 180 games for the Senators.

Good Luck in Tampa Bay, Ryan! (Except when you play the Senators)


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