Hossa, Heatley & Havlat – What A Tangled Senators Web


Every so often you get players that will forever be intertwined for their constant crossing of paths.  Well with last night’s trade of Dany Heatley for Martin Havlat, there is an incredible web which has our fair Senators franchise firmly at the centre.

Look at the timeline:

  • June 1997 – Senators draft Marian Hossa 12th overall
  • June 1999 – Senators draft Martin Havlat 26th overall
  • June 2000- Thrashers draft Dany Heatley 2nd overall
  • August 2005 – Senators sign Hossa to a 3 year deal and promptly trade him to Atlanta for Heatley
  • July 2006 – Senators trade Havlat to Chicago in a 3 team deal
  • July 2009 – Chicago signs Hossa to a huge multi-year contract, ending Havlat’s time in Chicago.  Havlat promptly signs with the Minnesota Wild
  • July 2011 – San Jose trade Heatley to Minnesota in exchange for Havlat

If there has ever been three player whose paths have crossed so exclusively, I haven’t seen them.  The fact that all have significant Ottawa connections only serves to make it more interesting.

I can’t wait for next summer’s blockbuster 3 way trade where Minnesota quickly gets sick of Heatley’s attitude and  re-acquires Havlat by sending Heatley to Chicago who sends Hossa to San Jose!


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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